Like a fine wine… Yah Right. ReeseOreo’s List of Everything A Girl Should Do by 30.

I have a milestone approaching, and approaching quickly. I am turning the big 3-0 in just 6 days. SIX days…in less than a week i’ll be turning a corner. People say – your life really starts at 30, but I’ve had many experiences  up until this point that make me feel like I have already filled a lifetime of memories.

This has been done before, and so be it. I am not the only girl to ever think…oh my god, I’m getting old, so here is the ReeseOreo list of things every girl should do BEFORE she turns 30.

1.  Figure out who your real friends are, and tell them that you love them.  Then thank them for putting up with you through all the crazy phases you’ve had in your life. Sometimes we aren’t easy to love, and real friends will always be there to tell you – ‘you aren’t being very easy to love right now girl….‘ but they still do.


2. Get an animal. Doesn’t matter if it’s a cat, dog, rhino, fish or turtle. Find an animal to love. You’ll soon find out it is one of the best and unconditional loves you’ll ever have in your life.

3.  Do better at staying in touch with your grandparents. The older we get, the older they get. The busier we get, the less often we call. Make it a point to call or email (mine don’t even know what email is) or write a letter the old fashioned way. Grandparents may not be around as long as you’d like – don’t let too much time pass without a hello.


4. Buy a good pair of high heels. I am not one for heels myself, however every girl should own a pair of heels that they can comfortably walk in (for more than 20 minutes) and can wear to any formal event. Neutral colors are best, they go with everything.


5.  Join a Book Club. Life gets busy, we have work, we have our social lives, we have relationships…make time for books. Reading isn’t something you should only do while you are in school. A book club keeps you reading (sometimes books you’d never pick yourself) and incorporates a social aspect. You’ll meet new people and who knows maybe build some long-lasting friendships.

6. Learn to play poker or some other type of card game. I haven’t mastered this myself (I still have six days… right), but if you ever find yourself in a casino you’ll feel a lot more confident if you can sit down at a table without the assistance of a man, and school all of those player in a  game of cards.


7. Experience heartbreak. Sounds sad, but if you have your heart broken at a younger age you’ll be smarter, and know when to acknowledge those red flags in relationships.  Love makes you do crazy shit, but once you’ve had your heart broken you’ll really learn what you want, what you need and what you won’t stand for.


7.5 Don’t let a broken heart make you a nonbeliever. Love is out there, you’ll find the one(s). Happiness begets happiness. Make eye contact, smile, and everything is going to work out fine.70PDH

8. Volunteer. Help others. We are all people. Run a charity race, read a book to a stroke patient, clean up trash at your local park, inspire the youth, translate for non-english speakers. Anything. Helping others makes us better people.  Sometimes we need a slice of humility, it’s important to keep us grounded.

9. Travel. It doesn’t have to be far, it doesn’t have to be exotic, but get AWAY. See something new. Marvel. Take photos. It’s worth the money – book a ticket and go. You won’t regret it.

10. Learn how to do your makeup. A little here, a little there. Either have someone teach you, take a class, youtube it, etc. Makeup can make or break your appearance. Learn how to apply it, learn your brushes, learn what you need, & what you don’t need.


11. Figure out how to dress your body. Flaunt your assets, but in the classiest way.Everything does not look good on everyone. Try clothes ON in the dressing room before buying – and take that honest friend with you. You’ll hate her/him in the moment, but you’ll love them when those compliments start rolling in.

12. Go to a music festival. A REAL festival. See artists live and with those who are just as in awe of them as you are. Be prepared for those sweaty pictures, in the end though it’ll be worth it. Concerts are one of the few places where you are surrounded by strangers but everyone feels like a friend.

13. Go to Montreal and eat real poutine. This one speaks for itself.


14. Watch a sunrise and a sunset over water. An excuse to go to the beach and one of the most beautiful sights you may ever see in your life. Appreciate mother nature, she’s pretty freakin awesome.

15. Learn how to be alone. Know the difference between loneliness and being alone. You have to be able to be alone with yourself. These are some of the most peaceful moments you’ll ever come by. If you are never alone with your thoughts, you are constantly just filtering everyone else’s


….. and last but not least.

Don’t have  a nervous breakdown because you are going to be 30. It’s not the end of the world, we’ll be okay. Just think about the list of things you will be able to come up with for the “things to do before you turn 40.” Do not worry about if you are not where you thought you’d be – you’ll get there. Enjoy the moments leading up to it, enjoy the possibilities that will come after it and appreciate the here and now —  the rest will come as it will (you’ll be old soon anyways).




What do you think?

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