It’s a Bad Day. So What. 6 Ways to Get Over It.

Today was just a bad day. Nothing specific happened to make it one, I just woke up irritated and annoyed by just about everything. Even though we are surrounded by things  (  that tell us “Look up!” “Cheer up!” “Be positive!” Sometimes these words of inspiration do the trick, and sometimes they don’t. So how do we go from having a bad day to a good day?

I don’t know about everyone else, but here are a few things that help me.

1. Get more sleep.
This is incredibly hard for me too. I am a night owl. I stay up late reading, perusing the internet, blogging, and basically doing anything that avoids my head hitting that pillow. The next thing I know, it’s 2am. Why is it so easy for the day to get away from us? We want to fit everything in, and it’s hard sometimes to really just….shut down. So turn off the TV, close the laptop, put away the iPad and go to bed. The less sleep you get, the grumpier you will be. So catch your Zzz’s and give yourself the option of waking up rested and happy. You and everyone you encounter the next day will thank me in the morning.

2. Give yourself a weekend just for you.
I am a big proponent of REESE time. And when I really feel myself unraveling at the seams I call a time out -and give myself a WEEKEND. A Friday night through Sunday night, where I can do what I want & when I want. Two and a half days of nobody to answer to. Believe me, it’s glorious!! It can be draining living your life for others sometimes.  So give yourself a weekend. Block off your calendar and make a conscious decision to do everything YOU want to do. Want to sleep in? Do it. Want to get your nails done? Do it. Want to play video games, not shower, and eat lucky charms out of the biggest bowl you can find? Do it. Dedicate a weekend just for you. Don’t answer your phone or texts or anything that beeps, chimes, or vibrates (unless of course… you want too).


3. Find a quiet place.
So we work, and we work, and we work. During those hours, find a quiet place to just decompress. Maybe it’s the park across the street, or a small cafe, any place where you can hide out for a few minutes . Find a place of complete bliss.  No distracting emails and phone calls. No mental interruption. Taking a 15 minute break throughout the busy day helps us to hit that reset button and and move on.

4. Find the funny.
Find something or someone that can really make you laugh. Maybe it’s a friend or a YouTube channel or some stupid pictures of dogs on Reddit. Whatever it is, find a funny place and indulge. Personally, I am a sucker for those dog pictures — and I do have a few go-to tv shows that are sure to make me laugh. Maybe a marathon of Everybody Loves Raymond or Aqua Teen Hunger Force will be needed to bring back your smile. Try one of those interactive buzzfeed quizzes, and laugh over the fact that your city of choice is Texas, I mean being from Texas is pretty funny….right? whatever it may be — funny = good. PS I just went to my first comedy show, it was amazing. I highly suggest them or an open mic night!


5. Dance Bitches.
Sorry, that I had to throw the B in there, but seriously Dane Cook was not lying when he said girls just wanna dance…. Well guys do too! (Come on fellas don’t lie…). Have a night out where you can just grooovve. Music and dancing (or head banging) go hand in hand. And I’m sure somewhere, there has to be some scientific research that proves that movement and music lift spirits. I admit it, when I’m alone and I have a good tune going, if you were to quietly catch me off guard you might laugh your ass off…..because this girl is dancing! It makes you feel good. Go with it.

5.5 Clean something.
No? Just me? Cleaning is a huge de-stresser (that’s not a word, but I don’t care) for me! When I’ve had a bad day, you can bet I am breaking out those dish gloves, the vacuum, dusting the ceiling fans, you name it. I’m on it. Something about a clean house makes me happier — and my roommates don’t seem to mind.


6. Try to make someone else’s day better.
Hmmmm.. So your day is down tubes… well how about not being so self-centered and try to make someone else’s day better? Give someone a compliment, maybe write a thank you note for that housewarming gift you received, even though you’ve been living in your place for three years. Hold the door, buy someone lunch, be a nice person.. Try it! Sometimes you’ll find making someone else’s day a little better unexpectedly — unexpectedly makes your day better too.


So there you have it. Tips on how to chase the rain clouds away (unless you love rain, in which case forget everything I said). Good days are better anyways, nobody likes a grumpy Gus …so do your best to not be one.




What do you think?

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